Rediscovering Heptabase

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There's a saying that goes, "The greatness of a horse can be seen in its long journey." Reflecting on Heptabase, a software that I have been using and recommending for two years, I ask myself – does it still possess the unique charm it had at the beginning? Is it still the most suitable tool for me? Have I gained new insights into it? I feel it's necessary to reassess it. This article is for those

The Power and Charn of information

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Throughout the course of human history, information has been an indispensable force that ranks alongside water, air, and food as one of the fundamental pillars of civilization's development. The allure of information is not only in its practicality but also in its intimate connection with our inherent drive to explore the unknown. This human thirst for information appears to be a natural talent. W

Note-Taking Toll: Catalysts for Insight or Constraints on Creativity

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Mr.Zhao in his "Modern Digital Note-Taking Guide," states: From Notion and Roam Research to Obsidian and onto Heptabase, the promises made by these note-taking platforms are far from fully realized. Be it atomic notes, bidirectional links, or multi-tagging, the processes of taking, organizing, and retrieving notes still heavily rely on the user's diligence and discipline—you must meticulously doc

Isolation Born of Dissemination

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In our daily lives, modern communication media are omnipresent. From social media to news websites, from television to radio, these media physically connect us, enabling instant access to information and exchange of ideas. However, Max Horkheimer, a German philosopher and one of the founders of the Frankfurt School, proposed an intriguing perspective in his work "Dialectic of Enlightenment" (1944)

How I Consume Information

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The author shares his own information consumption process. Faced with numerous information sources, the author does not read everything every week, but reads selectively. The entire process reflects effective information screening and processing methods, and I hope this can inspire readers to find information consumption strategies that suit them.